Documentation K²ID-SOEP

The timeline of the surveys carried out as part of the K2ID project are shown below. Several different questionnaires were used in K2ID. Based on findings from a pretest as well as expert advice, two versions (one longer and one more compressed) of the parent questionnaire were developed and utilized in the field. The aim was to ask parents about their care preferences and how they made their choice, the address of the current institution, and their assessments of various aspects of education and care quality. The longer instrument was intended for FiD households, the shorter for SOEP samples. Furthermore, we developed two questionnaires for the ECEC institutions, one for ECEC institutions’ directors and one for the pedagogic staff, preferably the educator mainly responsible for the daycare group attended by a child in the SOEP/FiD sample. These questionnaires collect information on structural quality, orientation quality, and activities taking place in each of the ECEC institutions and groups.

The large majority of items in all questionnaires were retrieved from already existing studies in the social sciences to ensure validity and increase comparability across studies. Detailed documentation of the development of all survey instruments can be found in the methodological report. Furthermore, the report provides more information on the study design, sampling, data collection, weighting, and descriptive results from pretests and the main study.

The methodological report can be downloaded here.

Timeline of data collection for K²ID-SOEP